About Us
  • Mr. Shrinivas CoulagiFounder

Who We Are?

Sigma Laboratories was founded in 1947 by Mr. Shrinivas Cowlagi and is now headed Mr. Dilip Coulagi who has over 40 years of experience in Pharmaceuticals. Sigma Laboratories is a name synonymous with quality both in India and abroad. By the late 1990s, in a market that accommodated 3800 players, Sigma was ranked amongst the top 60 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India.

Over the years, Sigma entered different therapeutic and manufacturing segments while building bonds of trust with its customers and establishing itself as a brand known for quality and reliability. In 2004, Sigma Laboratories Ltd. sold its domestic stable of brands as well as its national distribution business in order to downsize and focus solely on the export market.

Sigma is now a solely export oriented company supplying its products to Australia, New Zealand, CIS Countries, several Far Eastern countries Mauritius and Iraq. Sigma has recently been awarded an EMEA quality approval which will see its products being sold in the European Union shortly.Plans underway to enter ASEAN and Canadian markets.

  • Mr. Dilip CoulagiChairman & MD

Quality Statement

Sigma has a tradition of commitment to quality and reliability. In keeping with this commitment, its well-trained workforce and state of the art manufacturing facilities aim to bring products of the highest quality to worldwide markets.

Services Sigma Offers

Sigma offers a range of services from formulation to manufacture. The steps we offer individually are

1.Design and development of Pharmaceutical Products
2.Pre-formulation studies
3.Lab scale development and stability studies
4.Quality Method development
5.Regulatory documentation and dossier development
6.Scale up for process optimization
7.Exhibit Batches
8.Manufacturing at Sigma, Goa

List of Directors

Name of the Director Designation Date of Appointment DIN
Dilip S. Coulagi Managing Director 22.04.2010 00557172
Ramesh G. Kulkarni Additional Director 08.09.2009 02789427
Priya Dilip Coulagi Whole Time Director (CFO) 03.04.2015 06461206
Kavita Dilip Coulagi Director 14.08.2015 02634160
Vinita Menon Independent Director 20.06.2016 07547380